At Marietta Community Church we believe discipleship is the primary way in which Christ designated the growth of the believer. When he called us in Matthew 28 to make disciples of all nations, we know that call was to the commitment of life and teaching of the Word of Jesus to the believer. 

The chosen WEEKLY STUDy

Journey through the early ministry of christ

Join us this summer as we journey through the television series on the life of Jesus and His disciples called, The Chosen. We will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings at the church office to watch a new episode and then unpack the richness of the life of Christ with each other in small group settings. This will only be offered in person. Please, watch the trailer here or send us an email via the form below for more info!

Have any questions about discipleship groups or content?

If you have any questions about our current small group study or simply would like to connect and get more information on joining a group or our current study program, use the form below and we'll be in touch! Throughout the week we have several discipleship groups that meet with one another in various ways. Some of there groups are meeting in-person when possible and others through Zoom. If you need help with anything related to discipleship, please fill out the form below!