Honduras Day 6

oday we started our day off by going to the kinder and teaching the children about weather and living and non living things. Then we left we ate lunch and then had some time to play Dutch Blitz and just hang out. Then we packed up our beans, rice, tooth brushes, and tooth pastes and headed to places in La Saba called an invasion. Invasions are places where people settle without permission from the government, and on land they haven't bought. We handed out food as well as toothbrushes to the kids and families of these spots and it was amazing to see all of their reactions. We then headed to a local Walmart and bought some Melon Gatorade (it is honestly THE BEST) and some other goodies and headed on home! We just had a delicious dinner and we absolutely can't wait for tomorrow! Thank you so much for all your prayers we can SO see God working in this amazing city! Can't wait to tell you even more about it!

Love, Maddie Hill and Ann Hollis Sanders