Honduras Day 7

Nearing the end of our trip, today we had a "fiesta" at the Kinder, we painted faces, made bracelets, gave out our tye-dye shirts, and had an Easter egg hunt. We then went to the beach and swam for a while, ate lunch, and then went to an El Porvenir Education meeting. At the meeting, teachers gave presentations on education methods and then watched elementary-age students perform a traditional Honduran dance. Later, we went to the homes of some of the kids from the Kinder and gave out beans, rice, and lollipops to some of the families there. Soon we'll go to dinner and souvenir shopping in La Ceiba. 

Max and Emily

Honduras Day 6

oday we started our day off by going to the kinder and teaching the children about weather and living and non living things. Then we left we ate lunch and then had some time to play Dutch Blitz and just hang out. Then we packed up our beans, rice, tooth brushes, and tooth pastes and headed to places in La Saba called an invasion. Invasions are places where people settle without permission from the government, and on land they haven't bought. We handed out food as well as toothbrushes to the kids and families of these spots and it was amazing to see all of their reactions. We then headed to a local Walmart and bought some Melon Gatorade (it is honestly THE BEST) and some other goodies and headed on home! We just had a delicious dinner and we absolutely can't wait for tomorrow! Thank you so much for all your prayers we can SO see God working in this amazing city! Can't wait to tell you even more about it!

Love, Maddie Hill and Ann Hollis Sanders

Honduras Day 5

Hey friends and family!


This is Ellie and Keel coming at you live from El Porvenir with a daily dose of whats brackin. Today we started the day at the kinder and had the pleasure of teaching them about healthy and non healthy food and the parts of a flower. They got to plant a seed of their own and take it home with them. It's so amazing to see so much joy that coloring sheets and a plant can bring to them, the joy all of the kids at the kinder get from simply spending time with us and playing outside is heartwarming. 

After the kinder, we bagged up beans and rice and put little bible verses in them to send to the people living by the river. We also wrapped up toothbrushes and toothpaste to hand out to the families in need.

Then we headed down to Katlyn's, the missionary who lives here, place called Finding Hope. We play an intense soccer game (Hondurans vs Gringos) and swung on the gigantic tire swing. 

Finally, we arrived back at Charlie and Amalia's place for dinner and a little Birthday cake! Today was Keel's birthday, tomorrow is Emily's Birthday, and next Tuesday is Amalia's birthday so we had to celebrate! 

Each and everyday we get to spend with the people of El Porvenir is a blessing, God is working in wonderful ways in this city! 

Ephesians 1:4 "Even as he chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before Him. In love."

Honduras Day 4

Buenas noches de Honduras!!! 

Today was truly amazing. We woke up to the delicious smell of Amalia's cooking and the rising sun that will soon cause us too sweat more than we EVER have. It was day 2 at the kinder today and the theme of the day was animals. As soon as we got off the van when we arrived, the kids ran to us, gave us hugs, and screamed "BUENOS DIAS!!". It was adorable!! We can see God working through us and the kids at the kinder and its incredible to witness. Thanks to Mer's school we were able to give the kids brand new tooth brushes and tooth paste. To us it seemed like a small present but the excitement we saw on their faces was priceless. 



After the time at the kinder we went back to the volunteer house for another amazing meal from Amalia. We have had the privilege of getting to know a local missionary in El Porvenir named Kaitlin. Last year, the mission group was able to meet her and hear about her plans for a woman's shelter. We met up with here again this year to hear about the progress and the shelter is now up and running!!! God is so faithful!! The afternoon consisted of going to the mission named "En Busca de la Esperanza" or "Finding Hope" and bonding with the children and woman there. God is using Kaitlin to show these woman and children that they are loved and they have a Savior that can get them through their hard times. 


Please continue to pray that the Lord reveals new things to us everyday so we can provide the love and care the people we encounter deserve. Pray expectantly and specifically that he will use the Holy Spirit to guide our conversations and actions. Pray that this language barrier will continue to not hold us back from fellowship with the kids. He has done amazing things on this trip so far and we can't wait to see what else is in store!! 


Hasta luego!!!!

Emily and Grace 


PS: Our new best friend is a monkey

Honduras Day 3

HOLA!  We woke up and had breakfast around 7:15 and then headed to the kinder for the first time around 8:00 am Honduras time.  At the kinder, we interacted with the cutest kids ever!!!!  We taught them their colors in English and Spanish, and the body parts.  After they ate their breakfast, we sang Spanish songs, tie dyed t-shirts, and played outside!!  Then we headed back home to eat some yummy spaghetti and prepare for the orphanage. 

At the orphanage, we played endless games of soccer and introduced some kids to kickball.  The little girls had fun coloring and painting our faces with chalk, finger weaving, and making bracelets.  The boys enjoyed playing the soccer and kickball with a bunch of the older kids.  Sadly, it was our last day at the orphanage this week and we had to say goodbye, but we'll always remember each and every one of their smiling faces!  Later tonight, we went to the Honduran mall in La Ceiba, ate at the food court, and helped Charlie and Amalia grocery shop for the weeks to come.  We are so blessed for this opportunity and can't wait for the rest of the week!!!!  Adios! 

Mi amour, Emmie and Madison


Honduras Day 1&2

Yesterday at around 11:30 AM Honduras time, we landed in the San Pedro Sula airport. We ate lunch at Wendy's, and then went on a 3 hour car ride to El Povenir. When we arrived, we organized stuff to bring to the Kinder, ate dinner, and then called it a night. Today we woke up and had a fantastic breakfast and then headed to church. We attended a bilingual church run by Scott and Susan, where the sermon got translated to English! We then had lunch and then organized all of our materials for the the next week. After, that we headed to the orphanage and got to play with some of the kids we will be spending our time with this week. We are so excited for the next couple of days and thank you so much for your prayers! Adios!

Ann Hollis & Max Leiter