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Summer Internship Program:

This program is designed for college and graduate students who are interested in a leadership experience that combines hands-on ministry experience with practical training along the way. Students will work alongside one or multiple staff members for 10 weeks throughout the summer. The experience gained will translate into any future profession but is mostly designed for those interested in pursuing ministry post school.


·      10-week summer program (Mid-May through beginning of August)

·      Each student receives a stipend of $2,500 

·      Full-time hours for 10 weeks

·      Weekly leadership training

·      Practical ministry experience

·      Book studies

·      Meaningful interactions with church staff 

·      Opportunities in various ministry areas


Each student will be involved in 3 primary focuses over the summer: knowing, being and doing.

Knowing (Learning)

Our goal is to share what we know in ministry to the interns. There is an opportunity to focus on specific areas of ministry. There will be book studies, leadership training, and 1-on-1 coach relationships. By the end of the summer, we hope that each student will have a greater understanding of an area of ministry and the local church.

Being (Leadership Development)

One of the primary focuses of the summer internship is intentional spiritual formation of each student. Interns will come together weekly to study God’s word and discuss various other resources in order to cultivate a deeper faith.

Doing (Experience)

Each intern will be given a variety of different ministry experiences during their summer. Each ministry area is unique and provides different opportunities for involvement. Opportunities to help plan, support, and lead ministry programs, trips and events will be a part of the overall experience. It is our hope that that each student will gain practical, realistic, and informative experience of church leadership. It is our hope that students will see their gifts and abilities in action and discern the calling that God has placed on their hearts. 



Please Apply for the Program Below. Decisions will be made by April 15th.


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